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At Evolution Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality AC repair and ac maintenance services at affordable prices for our customers. We have been in the AC business for over five years offering comprehensive AC services to the Abilene, TX area. We offer a wide range of different AC repair and maintenance services including AC cleaning, compressor replacement, AC unit installation, and more. Evolution Heating & Air is run by a passionate team of staff and service technicians who dedicate themselves to helping people find the solutions they need for their AC system.

Michael Foller is the owner of Evolution Heating & Air; since he was a young boy, Michael has had an interest in machines and technology. He learned a lot from his grandfather who was a robotics engineer for leading security firm Lockheed Martin. Michael’s father owned a home renovation company under which he took up more lessons about handiwork.

In 2013, Michael began working with AC systems as a helper to the main technician on jobs. Shortly after beginning in the industry, Michael suffered a thumb injury which made him unable to work. Eventually, Michael got back in the field and starting directly helping his boss on jobs, this would prove to be a great learning experience.

While helping his boss, he learned extensive details regarding how to properly repair, diagnose, and service AC units. Over the years, Michael has worked for several companies in the industry which have all given him the experience he has today.

Evolution Heating & Air is a mission statement that speaks to our dedication & passion for providing high-quality AC repair services and ac installation. Abilene, TX is Michael’s home, and we proudly serve the men and women of the area, our staff is trained to provide specialized support in any situation.

We value your safety and comfort. Give Evolution Heating & Air a call today so you can find the solution to your AC problem.

Our Services


We have all experienced what it is like when our air conditioner or heater isn’t working properly. We want to help put the frustration behind you by offering a personal and professional diagnosis to find out what the problem is and get it back up and running.

We service and repair all makes and models ​& We offer 24/7 emergency service at no additional cost.


Whether you need a new installation or need a unit replaced, we can do the job right! We offer some of the best prices around and give you options that best fit your needs. We will never sell you anything that you don’t need. So, if we can fix the problem without having to replace expensive parts then that is what we will do. We are here to help you live life more comfortably and that includes helping you save money.

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