I'm Michael Foller. I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. My life has revolved around technical and mechanical interests. I grew up around my grandfather who worked in robotics for Lockheed Martin and he was always having to keep up with the times of electronics. I learned from him at an early age and I would always have computers and other gadgets to keep me busy. Most of the time I would tear electronic devices apart just to see how they worked and then try to put them back together again (not all of them made it back together)! This is where my interest in technology bloomed.

Along with my grandfather, I also learned a lot from my dad. My dad owned a tile company, and as I got older I would often help him. My dad taught me a lot about the importance of doing a good job. I often observed him working and was always amazed at how meticulous he was in every aspect of the job. He made me see the importance of taking pride in your work and doing it right the first time. Even if the job was small, dad was going to make sure it was perfect. So, as I started working in the air conditioning field, I wanted to combine those lessons I learned while growing up. I continue to develop my interests in technology just like my grandfather while staying true to those values of hard work my dad instilled in me from a young age.

I started in the air conditioning field in 2013 as a helper doing installs. I was new to ac but my mind was already absorbing all I could take in. After months in the business, I broke my thumb due to an on the job injury but this, believe it or not, would prove to be a blessing in disguise. As I was helpless in a cast for weeks, I began helping my supervisor in the field by handing him tools and being a gopher. This is where my mind really began having to work and learn to diagnose problems while in the field. By the time the cast came off, I was already in position to start doing service on my own. Every week I got better and better and strived to do it like no other. My boss would tell me how fast I caught on and that he couldn't believe the knowledge I was gaining in such a short amount of time.

Over the years I have worked for several companies, all in which prepared me to one day start my own company. I am excited that I have now started my own company and look forward to this new journey in the Abilene area where I have lived and learned my whole life. I want to bring a sense of dependability and trustworthiness to our community by providing the best service possible. Many of my customers have made it a point over the years to only use me because they trust me and my work and many have become lifelong friends. I plan to continue building new customer trust and make many more new friends along the way.

We are fully owner operated and we look forward to helping you with your heating and cooling needs!